Top 10 Most Expensive Edmonton Neighbourhoods

Top 10 Most Expensive Neighbourhoods in Edmonton

So, where are the top 10 most expensive neighbourhoods in Edmonton?  As a general rule, neighbourhoods near the North Saskatchewan River Valley or near ravines make the list.  The majority tend to be located in mature neighbourhoods although many newer subdivisions made the list.  These neighbourhoods are located predominantly in the southwest or west end of Edmonton. These stats are based on single family detached homes sold (no condos or duplexes are included in the average sale prices), and for sales over the previous 12 months (November 2013 to October 2014).    I also only looked at areas with at least 4 or more sales in the 12 month period.
Here are the top 10 neighbourhoods based on highest average sale price!
  1. Westbrook Estates is head and shoulders higher than number two on the list.  The average selling price in Westbrook is $1,156,983.  That is 23% more than number 2 on the list Magrath Heights.  Westbrook is located on Whitemud Creek and also is next to the Derrick Golf and Country Club. Located in the southwest section of Edmonton.
  2. Magrath Heights is selling for an average price of $895,076.  Magrath is a newer subdivision and like it's name implies is located on a rise overlooking the Whitemud Creek. 
  3. Windsor Park sits at number three with an average sale price in Windsor of $844,376.  This is a neighbourhood that borders the University of Alberta and also borders the North Saskatchewan River valley.
  4. MacTaggart has an average sale price $840,147.  MacTaggart is a newer area and borders Whitemud Creek, it is a neighbourhood that is just south of Magrath Heights.
  5. Oleskiw also known as Country Club is number four at $836,596 and is a subdivision built in the 1970's in the west end of Edmonton.  It also borders a ravine.
  6. Donsdale comes in at 6 with an average selling price of $798,850.  Donsdale is a newer subdivision in the west end and borders the North Saskatchewan River valley. 
  7. Crestwood currently has an average sale price of $792,875.  Crestwood's average selling price fluctuates depending how many homes sell in East versus West Crestwood.  142 street divides the neighbourhood with property values jumping $500,000 or more when you cross the street and end up in the portion of the neighbourhood that is closer to the river.  As a result, when there are a higher proportion of East Crestwood sales, the average selling price moves much higher.
  8. Ogilvie Ridge is at number eight with an average sale price of $788,100.  It is located across the Whitemud Ravine from number one on the list, Westbrook.  
  9. Windermere now has an average sold price of $782,172.  Windermere has the highest number of home sales than any other neighbourhoods on the list.  The neighbourhood is newer and continues to see more and more new construction being completed.   Windermere is in the southwest and also borders the North Saskatchewan River, and the neighbourhood has good access to the Henday freeway.
  10. Grandview Heights is selling on average for $779,659, this is another neighbourhood near the River valley and also bordering Whitemud Creek plus the green space of the University of Alberta Farm.
The majority of the neighbourhoods are in older mature subdivisions.   The neighbourhood that sold the fastest of these ten was Windsor Park where homes only took 33 days to sell.  That is faster than the Edmonton average days on market in 2014 of 40 days to sell.


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