Queen Alexandra Homes for Sale

Queen Alexandra Homes for Sale

Click on Queen Alexandra Homes for Sale for active listings of houses, duplexes and condominiums for sale in this University of Alberta area Edmonton neighbourhood. So far in 2014, the average sale price for a single family detached home in Queen Alexandra has reached $422,711.  That is substantially higher than 2013's average selling price of $378,983 or a roughly 12% increase in prices.  Despite this jump, Queen Alexandra has still not beat the previous annual high average sale price for the neighbourhood that was set in 2007. The above average sale price stats are based on what a single family detached house sold for in Queen Alexandra, the other property classes such as duplexes or condos are not included in these average sale price values. In the upper end / luxury price segment of the Queen Alexandra Edmonton real estate market, the highest price that a home sold for so far in 2014 has been $695,000.  That sale was for an infill home that was a 2 story style and roughly 2000 square feet in size.   At the affordable end of the price range, the lowest sale price for a home in 2014 in the neighbourhood sold for $289900. That home sale basically lot value and sold for full list price.  That was the only sale under $300,000 in Queen Alexandra this year.  On average it takes 27 days to sell a home in the Queen Alexandra Edmonton neighbourhood year to date, that is faster than the Edmonton average days on market of 39 days in 2014.  Going back to 2005, real estate property values in the Queen Alexandra Edmonton neighbourhood have increased by a strong 103%.

Now, looking at the duplex / townhome market in Queen Alexandra, the average sold price for a duplex has been very strong at $590,340.  The vast majority of those duplex sales were larger units that were infills built in the last 2 years.  The average time it takes to sell a duplex in Queen Alexandra this year has been 50 days.  The highest price that a duplex has sold for has been $699,880 this year, and the most affordable duplex sold for only $498,000.

Finally, moving over to the condominium market in Queen Alexandra,  the condo market now has an average selling price year to date in 2014 of $270,116.  It is taking on average 57 days to sell a condominium in Queen Alexandra this year. The most that a condo has sold for in Queen Alexandra this year has been $515,000, and the most affordable condo in Queen Alexandra sold for $127,500. The condo complexes that have had units sell in them this year in Queen Alexandra Edmonton include: Alture, Brownstones II, Cambridge Place, Erice, Harvest, Hearthstone off Whyte, Isabelle, Milestone, Monterey Manor, Mount Carmel Place, Spruce Manor, Strathcona Court, Tipton Place, Tuscany Place, University Properties, Willis Manor and The Wiltshire.


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