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Bonnie Doon Homes Average Selling Price

Bonnie Doon Homes Selling Prices in Edmonton The average selling price for a home in Bonnie Doon has jumped higher in 2017.  So far, this year Bonnie Doon has an average sold price of $545,034.  That is much higher than last year, in 2016 Bonnie Doon had an average sale price of only $485,750.  The average selling price in Bonnie Doon tends to fluctuate due to the increasing number of infills and ravine backing homes in the area.  The average time to sell a home in Bonnie  Doon has been quick at 40 days.   For more statistics on Bonnie Doon and other Edmonton communities visit Edmonton Home Selling prices by Neighbourhood Visit Bonnie Doon homes for sale to see all the current listings in the area

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