Crawford Plains homes for sale

Crawford Plains Homes for Sale

Click Here for all Crawford Plains homes for sale in the Mill Woods area of Edmonton.  The average selling price for a home in Crawford Plains,  so far year in 2014 has reached $362,161.  That is up from the average selling price in Crawford Plains last year,  where the average selling price was $337,498.  Crawford Plains tends to sell lower than the Edmonton average selling price by approximately $80,000.  These selling price average stats are calculated by looking at what a single family detached home sold for in the neighbourhood, other styles of homes like duplexes or condos are not included in these property value statistics.  In the upper end of the Crawford Plains real estate market, the highest price that a home sold for so far in 2014 has been $435,500.  That sale was for 1600 square foot split level home with an attached double garage.  Having a look at the other end of the market, the most affordable home in Crawford Plains sold for $310,000.  That sale was for a smaller bilevel style home that sold early in the year. On average it is taking 26 days to sell a home in Crawford Plains, that is quite a bit faster than the overall Edmonton average time to sell in 2014 of 38 days.  Since 2005, property values in the Crawford have risen by 92%
In the Crawford Plains condo market, the average selling price for a condo so far in 2014 has been $206,628.  And, the average time it takes to sell a condo in Crawford Plains has been 46 days so far in 2014.  The condominium complexes that have had units sell in them in Crawford Plains over the last 12 months include: Crawford Park Estates, Crawford Plains, Eden of Crawford Plains, Tamarack South and Torbay Point.
Crawford Plains Homes for Sale


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