Pleasantview Homes for Sale

Pleasantview Homes for Sale

Click Pleasantview homes for sale for the current active MLS® listings of houses, duplexes, townhomes and condos for sale in this South central Edmonton neighbourhood.  In 2014, the average selling price for a home in Pleasantview finished the year selling on average for $448,678.  That selling price is down from the average selling price in the Pleasantview in 2013, at that time Pleasantview was selling on average for $476,344.  That translates into a year over year decrease in Pleasantview of 5.8%. That yearly decrease was exactly the inverse of the Edmonton average selling price increase which was 5.8% year over year. However from 2012 to 2013, Pleasantview properties increased year over year by 23%, so a bit of a leveling off was to be expected after such a large jump in 2013.   These average selling price values above are based on a single family detached home sale; the other property classes such as duplexes or condominiums are not included in these average selling price values.  Looking at the statistics closer, in the high end price market segment of Pleasantview Edmonton, the highest price that a home sold for in 2014 was $873,500.  That sale was of a 2300 square foot executive bungalow.   At the other end of the price range, in the entry level market for Pleasantview, the lowest priced home sale in the neighbourhood sold for $340,000. This home was a smaller 1140 square foot two story with a single garage. On average it took 34 days to sell a home in the Pleasantview in 2014. This is faster than the Edmonton average days on market of 41 days in last year. Going back to 2005, the Pleasantview property values have appreciated by 80%.  

In the duplex market in Pleasantview, the average sale price for a duplex in 2014 was $318,708.  On average, it took 23 days to sell a duplex in Pleasantview. 

Lastly, in the Pleasantview condo market, the average selling price in 2014 was $243,223, with an average time to sell a condo of 46 days in Pleasantview last year.  The condo complexes that have had units sell in them last year in Pleasantview were: Charleswood, Chateau, Empire Gardens and Serenity Gardens


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