Ambleside Homes for Sale

Ambleside Homes for Sale

Click Ambleside Homes for Sale for active home listings in this popular Southwest Edmonton neighbourhood. The average sale price for a home in the Ambleside Edmonton neighbourhood year to date has reached $550,606.    The Ambleside Edmonton average selling price is up from 2013, in that year Ambleside averaged $512,666.  The average sale price in Ambleside is a less than the neighbouring Windermere neighbourhood.  The reason for this is there are a higher percentage of homes in Ambleside that are properties with smaller RPL zoned lots and have back lanes.  These styles of home sell for less and pull the Ambleside average selling price lower.  In Windermere, there are a much higher percentage of single family detached homes that have front attached garages. The average selling price stats are based on what a single family detached house sold for in the neighbouhood, the other types of homes namely duplexes or condos are not included in these statistics. In the upper end luxury price segment of the Ambleside real estate market, the most that a home sold for so far in 2014 has been $1,200,000.  This was the only sale so far this year in Ambleside that sold for more than $1 Million. The home was over 3500 square foot and it had a walkout basement.  Having a look at the entry level of the price range in Ambleside, the most affordable home this year has sold for $363,000.  That home was a 2 story style home that was a newly built spec home just under 1300 square feet and it did not have a garage or any basement development. This sale was one of four homes that have sold this year for  under $400,000 in the Ambleside neighbourhood.   It is taking 44 days on average to sell a home in Ambleside so far in 2014, that is similar to the Edmonton average days on market in 2014 of 39 days.  Since 2009, real estate property values in Ambleside have appreciated by 16%.

In the Ambleside duplex and rowhouse market, the average sale price in 2014 for a duplex/rowhouse has been $407,193 with an average days on market of 35 days.  

Lastly, moving over to the condo market in Ambleside, the average sale price for a condo year to date in 2014 has been $257,367. On average, it is taking 68 days to sell a condo in this southwest neighbourhood this year.  The highest price that a condo has sold for in Ambleside this year was $356,574 and that unit was in The Ion at Ambleside building.  The most affordable condo in Ambleside sold this year was sold for $185,000, that unit was a one bedroom unit in the Infusion condo complex.  The condo complexes that have had units sell in them so far in 2014 in the Ambleside Edmonton neighbourhood include: Eve in Ambleside, Infusion, The Ion at Ambleside and L'Attitude Studios.


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