Suder Greens Homes for Sale

Suder Greens Homes for Sale

Visit Suder Greens homes for sale for all active listings in this west end of Edmonton neighbourhood.  So far in 2014, the average selling price for a home in the Suder Greens area this year has reached $457,480.  Since 2013,  Suder Green's average selling price is up, in 2013 Suder Greens was averaging a selling price of $433,660.   These average sold price numbers are created by looking at what a single family detached home sold for in the neighbourhood, the other styles of homes such as duplexes or condominiums are not included in these stats.  Having a look at the high end of the market in Suder Greens, the most that a home has sold for in 2014 has been $720,000.  That sale was for an executive bungalow style home with a fully finished basement and a triple garage. Moving over at the other end of the price range for the neighbourhood, the most affordable home in Suder Greens so far in 2014 sold for $322,400.  That sale was for a starter home that was a 2 story with a back lane without a garage.   On average it is taking 33 days to sell a home in Suder Greens this year, and that is just a touch faster than the Edmonton average time to sell in 2014 which has been 38 days.  Over the past several years going back to 2005, the property values in Suder Greens have appreciated by 95%.

In the Suder Green duplex market, the average selling price for a duplex in 2014 has been $418,000.  That number is skewed higher due to a large executive style bungalow duplex that sold in the neighbourhood for well over $500,000.  The average time to sell a duplex in Suder Greens has been fast at only 16 days this year. 

Looking at the Suder Greens condo market, the average selling price for a condo year to date in 2014 has been $274,715.  On average, it has taken 34 days to sell a condo in Suder Greens in 2014.  The condominium complexes that have had units sell in them in Suder Greens over the last 12 months include: The Lodge at Lewis Estates and Webber Point.


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