Britannia Youngstown Homes for Sale

Britannia Youngstown Homes for Sale 

Visit Britannia Youngstown homes for sale for all active listings in this west end neighbourhood of Edmonton.  In 2014, the average selling price for a home in the Britannia Youngstown neighbourhood this year has reached $309,108.  That is the first time since 2007 that Britannia Youngstown has managed to have an annual average sale price above the $300,000 price mark.  This average price is also up from 2013 when Britannia Youngstown was selling for $278,689.   These average selling price numbers are created by looking at what a single family detached home sold for in the Britannia neighbourhood, the other styles of homes such as duplexes or condominiums are not included in the above averages. At the upper end of the Britannia Youngstown real estate market this year, the highest price that a home has sold for has moved up to $370,000.  That sale price was reached by a couple homes.  One salw was for an almost 2000 square foot two story, and the other sale was a raised bungalow.   Having a look at the other end of the selling price range for Britannia Youngstown, the most affordable home in 2014 has sold for $229,000. That sale was of a small 700 square foot home. On average it is taking days to sell a home in Britannia 37 this year, and that days on market is basically the same as the Edmonton average time to sell in 2014 namely 38 days. Comparing real estate prices back over the past several years, since 2005 the property values in Britannia Youngstown area have increased by 90%.

In the duplex market of Britannia Youngstown, the average sale price in 2014 for a duplex is selling for $363,833.  All of those sales were of newly built infill duplexes that have been built in the neighbourhood since 2013.  The average time it is taking to sell a duplex in Britannia Youngstown this year has been 68 days. 

Moving over to the condo market in Britannia Youngstown, the average sale price in 2014 is currently sitting at $188,635 with an average time to sell a condo in Britannia of 122 days.  The condo complexes that have had a unit sell in them over the last 12 months in Britannia Youngstown include the following: Centennial Court, Mayfield Terrace, Melville Manor, Oakville Manor, Pineridge, and Victoria Gardens.


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