Glastonbury Grange and Parkland Homes for Sale

Glastonbury Grange and Parkland Homes for Sale

Click on Glastonbury homes for sale for all the currently listed homes for sale in this west end Edmonton neighbourhood also known as the Grange and Parkland.   The average selling price for a single family home in Glastonbury in 2014 ended at $422,069.  Property values have basically been flat in Glastonbury from 2013 to 2014.  This can be due to a higher percentage of back lane homes versus front attached garage homes selling.  Homes with back lanes tend to sell for less and therefore skew the average lower if more of them sold in a particular time frame.  For comparison, for the total Edmonton market for single family detached homes, the average selling price increase was 5.8% from 2013 to 2014.   The average sale price stats are calculated based on what a single family detached house sold for in the neighbourhood, the other types of homes namely duplexes or condos are not included in these statistics. In the upper end price segment of the Glastonbury Edmonton real estate market, the highest price that a home sold for in 2014 was $600,000.  That particular home was in Parkland Estates and it was a large executive bungalow that was formerly a showhome.  Having a look at the lower end / entry level of the price point in the neighbourhood, the most affordable single family home in Glastonbury Edmonton sold for $325,000 this year.  This home was roughly 1300 square feet and had a back lane with no garage.   In 2014,  it took 38 days on average to sell a home in the Grange and Parkland.  The Edmonton average days on market last year was a couple days longer at 41 days.  Since 2009, real estate property values in Glastonbury Edmonton have appreciated by 6.3%.  

Having a look at the condo market in Glastonbury, the average selling price for a Glastonbury condo last year was $279,780.  Condos in the Grange and Parkland took 44 days on average to sell last year.  The condo complexes that have had condo units sell in them over the previous 12 months in Glastonbury Edmonton include: Aspen Lanes, Californian Parkland, Glastonbury Glenn, Glastonbury Village, Grange Pointe, Parkland Grove, Pheasant Pointe, Summerhill Lane, Terra Sol Court, Victorian Village and Willow Walk.   The highest priced sale for a condo in Glastonbury in the last 12 months was a bungalow style unit in Glastonbury Glenn.   That unit sold for $435,000.  

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