Ambleside Homes for Sale

Ambleside Homes for Sale

Visit Ambleside homes for sale for the available listed homes in this southwest Edmonton neighbourhood bordering Windermere.  The average selling price for a single family detached home in Ambleside in 2014 finished at $545,583.  So far in 2015, with just a few sales the average sold price in Ambleside is averaging $537,265.  Comparing real estate values in Ambleside from 2013 to 2014, the average sale price for a home increased by 6.4%.  That increase outperformed the Edmonton average selling price increase which was 5.8% from 2013 to 2014.   These average sold price statistics are based on what a single family detached house sold for in the neighbourhood, the other types of homes such as duplexes or condos are not included in these values. In the upper end / luxury price segment of the Ambleside Edmonton real estate market, the highest price that a home sold for last year was $1,200,000.  That particular home backed onto a pond and was a two story walkout roughly 3600 square feet with a triple garage.   Looking at the lower end / entry level price point in the neighbourhood, the most affordable single family home in Ambleside Edmonton sold for $359900.  This home was a spec home (home built on speculation of selling) and it was over 1300 square feet without a garage and an unfinished basement.   In 2014,  it took 45 days on average to sell a home in Ambleside Edmonton.  The Edmonton average days on market last year was a little quicker at 41 days.  Since 2009, real estate property values in Ambleside Edmonton have increased by 13%. 

In the duplex / attached rowhouse market in Ambleside, the average sale price last year was $436,476 and on average it took 44 days to sell a duplex in Ambleside in 2014.  The average selling price for duplexes in Ambleside is skewed higher by some 1800 square foot bungalow walkout style duplexes that sell in the high $600,000 to $800,000 range.  An entry level duplex in Ambleside sells more in the $340,000 range. 

Lastly, looking at the condo market in Ambleside Edmonton, the average selling price for an Ambleside condo last year was $257,907.  Condominiums in Ambleside took 73 days on average to sell last year.  The condo complexes that have had condo units sell in them over the previous 12 months in Ambleside Edmonton include: Eve in Ambleside, Infusion, Ion in Ambleside and  L'Attitude Studios,  The highest priced sale for a condo in Ambleside in the last 12 months was a top floor unit the Ion in Ambleside and that unit sold for $356,574.  
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