Windermere Edmonton Homes For Sale

Windermere Edmonton Homes for Sale

Visit Windermere homes for sale to see all active listings of homes, condos and duplexes for sale in the area. In Windermere this year, the average sale price for a single family detached house is currently $656,263.  That is a large drop from last year when Windermere had an average selling price of  $789,825.  Part of the reason for the large drop was that last year a very high priced home sold in Windermere, it sold for over $5 million and skewed the price higher.  The average time it takes to sell a house in Windermere this year has been 64 days.
In the Windermere duplex market, the average sold price is currently $372,372 this year, with an average time to sell of54 days. Looking at the Windermere condo market, the average selling price for a condo in 2015 is now $269,035, with an average time to sell of 58 days. 
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